NANCiS protests against enactment and enforcement of the Hong Kong National Security Law

July 7, 2020
Japan NGO Action Network for Civic Space (NANCiS)

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China passed the “Hong Kong National Security Bill” unanimously on June 30, and took effect in Hong Kong on July 1, the following day.  NANCiS strongly protests against the Chinese government’s decision, which has trampled the Hong Kong people’s desire for freedom and democracy and ignored voices of concern from the international community. 

The Hong Kong National Security Law is a law that has a major impact on Hong Kong’s autonomy, democracy, and freedom and human rights.  However, it was enacted as an annex to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Law whose enactment right is with the National People’s Congress, to avoid deliberation by the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly and direct voting by Hong Kong citizens.  This renders the high level of autonomy of Hong Kong and the maintenance of the one country two systems, which China has promised internationally through the China-UK Joint Declaration and others, powerless and deserves strong criticism.

NANCiS urges the Chinese government and the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to stop the enforcement of the Hong Kong National Security Law immediately, and consider the abolition of the Law.  We strongly demand the protection of the freedom of expression, assembly, and association of the people of Hong Kong to the maximum extent, and urge concrete measures be taken to guarantee freedom of political statements and activities based on democratic political systems and cultures.

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